Going on a trip of 2 days, 3 weeks or even moving countries?

All trips require packing but it can get very stressful when you look around your closet, accesories, makeup and want to take everything with you.

So like everything in life, we need to strategize. The best solution i have found that keeps me packing essentials only are this two steps:

1. Count all clothes by sections:

In a sheet of paper write down exactly how many shorts, blouses, suits, dresses, skirts, shorts, jackets, long slevees, short sleeves, pijamas, socks, panties, hats,  scarves, bikinis, high heels, running shoes, sandals, just about everything you have in your closet.

Count everything by sections, so if you have in you closet a total of 10 shorts, you write 10 shorts, and so on.

2. Select:

Now comes the hard part, first you have to know for how long you are leaving and how many suitcases you can take with you. Start by selecting 3 things from each section. So you should select 3 high heels, 3 sneakers, 3 blouses, 3 suits, 3 dresses etc.

When you start putting all the selected items in your suitcase you will see if you need to take things out or if you can increase to 4 items per section. If you need to take things out, you can start playing with numbers, so 2 shorts, 4 blouses, like this you have 4 diferrent outfits using the same two shorts. Or simply decreasing all items to 2 per section. It is very easy when you force yourself to chose only that amount of items per section.

This technique really helps packing because it forces you to really take only essentials and not over pack.

Other Pros of this technique:

  1. You have full control of your closet, you know exactly how many clothes, shoes, bags, accessories you have.
  2. You spend less, eventually, because you know how many blouses you have by number, so when you are at a store you might even look at blouses but it triggers something mentally that you have so many at home that you need to first use them until it is not longer wearable before buying more.
  3. In the process of counting your clothes you will re evaluate you clothes each at a time by section and start to get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in a long time and will not wear again.